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Olanzapine is used for short-term treatment of agitation caused by schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

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Olanzapine in Generic effexor xr strengths uk rainians: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, Br J Psychiatry, 2003, vol. 185 7 (pg. 587 - 93 ), vol.(pg. 13 Hjorth T Bäckström P Eklöf L, et al. Methylphenidate in adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol, 2012, vol. 24 12 (pg. 1146 - 55 ), vol.(pg. 14 Aksnes B Berglund L Sarna S, et al. Methylphenidate, lisdexamfetamine dimesylate, or placebo for adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, J Clin Psychiatry, 2012, vol. 70 7 (pg. 1214 - 22 ), vol.(pg. 15 Berglund L Sarna S Linsenroth M, olanzapine depot uk et al. Methylphenidate, a dopamine receptor D5 antagonist, for the short-term treatment of adult ADHD: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial, JAMA, 2014, vol. 312 2 (pg. 189 - 94 ), vol.(pg. 16 Berglund L Sarna S Linsenroth M, et al. Efficacy of methylphenidate for adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a randomized double-blind online pharmacy degree in usa placebo-controlled clinical trial, J Clin Psychiatry, 2014, vol. 71 9 (pg. 737 - 37 ), vol.(pg. 17 Arntzenius A Berglund L Nordberg M, et al. Methylphenidate versus placebo for adults with ADHD: a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, JAMA, 2006, vol. 295 15 (pg. 2971 - 79 ), vol.(pg. 18 Akerblad AC Wahlund HR Alder S, et al. The role of acute effects methylphenidate in the treatment of stimulant-use disorders with concomitant psychostimulant use, and their relationship to the clinical efficacy of methylphenidate, J Clin Psychopharmacol, 2008, vol. 27 11 (pg. 1106 - 22 ), vol.(pg. 19 Arntzenius A Olanzapine 7.5mg $86.41 - $1.44 Per pill Wahlund HR Bjelakovic V, et al. Does a single dose of methylphenidate enhance the acute effects of a single oral dose amphetamine in children and adolescents with ADHD?, J Clin Psychopharmacol, 2013, vol. 31 3 (pg. 527 - 36 ), vol.(pg. 20 Arntzenius A Bjelakovic V Löfgren C, et al. Methylphenidate vs placebo in a double-blind clinical trial children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is associated with improved clinical efficacy, J Clin Psychiatry, 2014, vol. 74 6 (pg. 736 - 43 ), vol.(pg. 21 Arntzenius A Blomsted PH Bjelakovic V, et al. Sustained effects of mirtazapine when administered as a monotherapy in patients with primary and secondary hyperactivity disorder: a cross-over study of the effects first, second and third dose, Clin Ther, 2011, vol. 40 8 (pg. 1016 - 33 ), vol.(pg. 22 Bergstrom M Vestergaard N Pedersen SB, et al. Short-term treatment with a single dose of methylphenidate in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Clin Ther, 2005, vol. 30 7 (pg. 791 - 800 ), vol.(pg. 23 Bertolino A Carvajal MJ Sánchez-Carraco M, et al. Effects of mirtazapine, escitalopram, and placebo on attention in patients with bipolar disorder and without psychotic features, Bipolar Disord, 2012, vol. 22 9 (pg. 1259 - 66 ), vol.(pg. 24 Berglund L Sarna S Rydberg K, et al. The efficacy of methylphenidate in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, J Clin Psychopharmacol, 2014, vol. 31 4 (pg. 614 - 23 ), vol.(pg.

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